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I never thought I would see once more the desolated, snowed landscape…

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I never thought I would see once more the desolated, snowed landscape of that forgotten land that’s called Transylvania. And still, I was there once more. Same place, another time, another mission to take care of. When Cardinal Jinnette told me about this assignment I wasn’t exactly what you can call ‘enthusiastic’. I have visited this land so many times in my nightmares that I had enough of it. Enough of his mountains, of his wild forests and his forgotten villages. And enough of all those things that reminded me of Anna. I’m still missing her. But as Jinnette said, this was the occasion to face my ghosts, my nightmares. The mission seemed easy: rumors reached Rome, rumors about some sort of evil acting in this place. We didn’t have much information, but since Dracula had been vanished months ago, the current problem would have probably be something easy to deal with. Maybe a stray werewolf, or a warlock...
I was riding towards Vaseria, trying to avoid contacts with the local people. I do not collect great success doing what I do, and this time it wouldn’t be different. Especially since I caused the death of their own princess. I stopped near Vaseria, deciding that it would have been better to spend there the night and reach the town the following morning. I tied my horse and light up a fire. It was strange, to be back in Transylvania. There was something in the air that seemed familiar to me, some sort of sensation. The only thing I was sure of is that that feeling wasn’t anything good. Seated down in front of the fire I sighed... Cardinal Jinnette could think whatever he wanted, I was still of the opinion that come back there hadn’t be a good idea…
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