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I hear that Van Helsing has returned to these lands. Before our last…

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I hear that Van Helsing has returned to these lands. Before our last disastrous meeting I had ideas, feelings, premonitions, that I would see him again, but I always suspected it would be in some afterlife or spiritual sense, not like it happened. It had been four hundred years since he was sent to help me, and then sent to kill me. I had much to thank him for, personally. And yet he bested me, through my own ignorance. I was still convinced he somewhere remembered our closeness, our brotherhood. They thought me dead, but I have returned and am stronger for the lesson. Is it possible for me to die completely?

It is curious that he comes again now, as me and my family are coming out of our time of rest and solitude, and are beginning to consider our plans for our future.

I turn to Verona and she is looking at me with frank pleasure. Every day I see her it pains me that I brought her to this life, and yet I know not what I would do if I had left her behind. She expresses no displeasure, no pain, but her eyes cannot hide the misery - and yet she insists she would do it all over again, for me.

"My lord?" She is at my side in an instant.
"I need to know why Van Helsing has returned once more."
If possible, she pales at this information. I continue:
"We need to know if it is us he hunts once more."
"Aleera is in Vaseria," Verona begins, but I interrupt.
"I fear she may be distracted. She has run across some business I failed to take care of." I am conscious of the bitterness in my voice. "And she might need your help."

Without another question, Verona takes to the air and is gone.
* * *