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Last night was...interesting to say the least. I went out in search of Vampires and instead found a Huntress and a vampire. Needless to say, there was a brief fight involved. As it turns out it was none other than my Long-Lost Aunt Aleera, from my Mother's Side of the Family. Aleera had been the only girl in her family and was said to possess great beauty. I have to admit, she is quite attractive, so I can see where the rumors of her being the Love Goddess Aphrodite/Venus came from. One night however she disappeared and never returned home. My poor Great-Grandparents were heartbroken. After the youngest boy's child, my Mother was born, they were attacked. It turns out it is a practice of Dracula to destory any remenants of his Brides Mortal Families, for reasons I am not sure of, perhaps to end any attachment to their Mortal Lives. My Grandfather and Mother escaped and he changed his last name from Jevis to Jones, and hid in England. He was later killed by one of Dracula's Werewolves, and the Funeral had to have a closed coffin because of how bad the damage was to his body. I shall always laugh at the shock on the Vampiress' face when I spoke of my Parentage.
'Then you should respect your Elders, my child...'
Respect? Ha! What respect does she deserve, I ask you? She ran off with a monster who later killed her family and she obviously shows no remorse! On the Bright Side, I have met Arene Haynes, who also hunts the Creatures of the Night as I do. I finally have something I haven't had for ten years...a friend.

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