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There were more strangers in the tiny village of Vaseria just lately…

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There were more strangers in the tiny village of Vaseria just lately than Dracula was comfortable with. He had sent Marishka out after Aleera, who had been gone for some time. Aleera always did like to play with her food. Dracula smiled to himself, and turned to Verona, his pupils dilating with the pleasure of seeing her.

Verona was his first wife as a vampire, but had not been taken until many years of solitary exploration. His home country had harboured legends and dark rumours of creatures of the night who lived on blood and could never die, but he had always considered them superstition and myth. Quite a shock it was, then, to learn what he had become.

For years his lands had been beseiged by the Turkish hordes, and his family had been the last line of eastern defence against the asian threat. They toiled for Rome, paid their dues to the Emperor, accepted the Papal orders, and yet always, always were treated like the black sheep of the family, the red-headed stepchild. Dracula's father had tried to tread a fine line between loyalty to the West, and survival for his own people. It had brought him death at the hands of a suborned son. Dracula's youngest brother Radu, had murdered his father and the oldest Dracul son Mircea. Vlad Dracula had escaped this fate by being in the wrong place at the right time only. The final blow to the Draculesti's loyalties came when the Westerners endorsed Radu's reign, and cast the loyal, tireless young Vlad aside. Vlad remedied this quickly with fratricide and regained his position. The Church realised quickly that Vlad was the people's choice, and thus began an uneasy detente between Vlad Dracula and the Vatican.

Death came for Vlad in a form he never imagined. A brother in arms, sent to the eastern edges of the European warzones, deep into Transylvania, to Tirgoviste, to take messages of support and valuable supplies to the frontlines. Gabriel Van Helsing came out of Holland, a man of science, of practicalities, extremely useful to Dracula, and endorsed by the Church for his unshakeable beliefs in the crusading cause. The men had become close by immersion in the terrible situation, constantly fearing overwhelming Turkish forces knocking at the door. And the line held until one deep, dark winter.

//OOC. OK guys, I have a lot of backstory like this that I'd love to throw in here. If anyone has any objections, please let me know. I'll edit this comment out and continue if nobody minds.//
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On February 16th, 2006 02:16 pm (UTC), indy_cloes commented:
//OOC; All the Drac's backstory is great and detailed *__* Good job! The only thing is where Gabe gets in o.O I'm not sure about it... At the time he wasn't Van Helsing yet, but just Gabriel, at least this was the name Dracula knew him o.O And then... Don't know, has anyone read that book of Ryan about the movie? I haven't, but someone told me it's quite detailed too ^___^
And a big question o.o Is this at the end of the movie? So… Does Gabe know that the count is still alive? Or not? u_u sorry, silly question but I’m still not sure…
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On February 16th, 2006 07:51 pm (UTC), melligator replied:
Well I started off in the 'present' but the rest of the entry refers back to when Dracula was actually alive, how he first met Gabriel and how they came to have the relationship they do now. Honestly, all of that info up there is pretty much how it actually happened to Vlad Tepes. I started a fanfic ages ago that I never finished with a lot of this kind of thing in it. My theory is that VH was sent to the east to help in the crusades against the Turks - Dracula was actually a very important ally of the Church for a while - and that it is something deeply personal that also involves VH that turns Vlad Dracula onto his path of evil. I'll be getting to that :)

Anyway, people seem to be writing as if we're sort of in the movie time, but others have referred to D's death etc. My preference is that it is some time after movie events, that D wasn't actually dead and has had a long period of recovery. As for the brides, we'll just have to suspend disbelief a little bit there I think. I was wondering when we started if we needed to clear up some of this stuff.
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On February 16th, 2006 08:26 pm (UTC), indy_cloes replied:
*_* A fanfic, great *_* Well, all my theories about Van Helsing sees him like an archangel o.o that for some reasone killed Dracula, so he made him become evil and for this reason he falls down and... survives for 400 years remembering nothing, or so... I'd like the idea of the fallen angel *-* Can we put this in somewhere? XD
And about where we start, we really should clear this up... Your idea seems great, some time after the movie *_* Dracula's come back fully recovered, VH is sent again even if he still doesn't know what's going on... What you think? *-* I'm gonna friend you, hope you don't mind! ^^
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On February 16th, 2006 10:20 pm (UTC), melligator replied:
OK how about this.
In the beginning, Gabriel VH is a mortal man, as we all must start. He is indeed sent into eastern 'Europe' by the Church to assist the Dracula family in defending the area against the Turks. He's a scientist (in keeping with the general VH archetype) yet still a spiritual man - his involvement with the Church and how that came about is up to you.

VH aids Dracula in organising his troops in the area from about 1460 and for two years they are doing very well. The winter of 1462 is a brutal one, even for this part of the world, and the fighting is slowed down tremendously with much snowfall impeding the movements of both sides.

Unknown to Dracula, Rome is wavering on its plans for the area. Again, that can be your department. Suffice to say, Dracula is not going to be happy about the changes - he needs the Church's help to keep his lands.

The town of Vaseria is on the outskirts of Dracula's lands and Turkish troops moving through get snowed in there. They get restless and begin to cause trouble among the small village population. Basically Dracula, pissed that the Church is changing its policies and enraged at the Turks treating his people like that, goes a bit nuts, personally leads troops in there and massacres the invaders in a particularly brutal fashion. VH naturally has problems with his methods.

VH is recalled to Rome and the relationship between Dracula and the Church disintegrates. Eventually the Church moves against Transylvania, an army led by VH. The history between the two men adds the tension. Eventually Dracula is killed by Van Helsing, and Dracula is so enraged that he curses VH, God, the Church as he is dying, vows to avenge himself. VH must continue the fight. When the battle is over, VH returns for Dracula's body but it is not where he left it.

His body was removed by Verona, who had been his mistress. Dracula will awake the next day in his coffin, to discover his new situation.

VH's story after this, how he forgets/has his memory erased, how he is immortal, is all up to you. Perhaps at Dracula's cursing he in return invokes the word of God to try to counter, and they both become their supernatural selves at this point. Somewhere between here and returning to Rome, VH is overcome by his new purpose/being/situation and becomes disoriented, eventually forgets and wanders. Finds his way back to Rome where they take him in - they know exactly who he is but it's clear he's become something else and they decide to use him.

And the rest, as they say, is history :)
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On February 17th, 2006 12:50 pm (UTC), indy_cloes replied:
*___* I love you XD You’re a genius! Well…
The only thing is that I think is that Gabriel at the beginning was already an archangel, maybe sent from God to help the Church as a common man, he should just help Rome and Vlad in the war against the Turkish. And after the crack between the Church and Dracula he’s sent back as you said and he just kill Drac, ‘coz he thinks to do the right thing u_u’. Only that it’s not the right thing, ‘coz Dracula after all was still good, ‘cause he just wanted to help his people. But killing him Gabriel is responsible for what Drac has become… And God punished him ripping away his wings and leaving him on the earth just as a common human man. This should explain his scars and the fact that he’s been found on the stairs of St.Peter… After about 400 years, but, well, Heaven’s things could take all the time they need…u.ù What you think? *-*
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On February 17th, 2006 10:36 pm (UTC), melligator replied:
Sounds good!
Trying to weave the spiritual into a story like this is always tricky, but fun. I spent a lot of time over the background to that fanfic and it never got written lol...
I like the imagery of him being 'afflicted' on the way back to Rome, it has an interesting parallel with Saul/Paul on the road to Damascus, but in a backwards sort of way.

This will be neat. Dracula would know pretty much right away that he was undead, but Gabriel might not realise for years and years. What a strange life he has, and how weird for him to slowly realise that something was different about him - never aging though people around him come and go with each generation. The Church obviously didn't tell him - although they probably only suspected, could not know for sure. Cool :)
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On February 18th, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC), indy_cloes replied:
Cool *__* Well... He would start to remember his human life only foure years before the movie time, if we follow the few info we found in the movie *__*
Well...Now we could start to play *-* we've all we need...right?
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On February 18th, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC), melligator replied:
Yep, we have our background!
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On February 18th, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC), indy_cloes replied:
So, VH will return in Transilvania only when Dracula's fully recovered adn rumors about his return arrives to Rome... That's... 6 months after the movie, or so? *-*
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