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Coming Back

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When I woke up early in the morning I couldn’t recall clearly my dreams, probably the same nightmares as always. But that time it’s been different. I heard her voice, I saw her face. Anna, the woman I love. The woman I killed. I knew she was in a better place now. In Heaven, close to her family. It was the only thing that made my sorrow easier to stand, even if I found harder than ever to continue my life without her. I really thought, during that first and last kiss that I could have a life with her. Together. Someone to love. But life is strange, and fate’s cruel. My mission had been accomplished, Dracula was dead. But still, the price for this result seemed too high for me.
  After have packed our things, I and Carl left the little camp we’ve done for the night and rode back to Vaseria’s Village. A riding that had last for the whole day. Even if night had already come we didn't stopped, it would have been better if we arrived at the village in the night. The travel towards the sea hadn’t be long, and the only purpose was to celebrate Anna’s funeral in a place she would have like.
Now that all our affairs were done in
Transylvania we had to come back to Rome. November just started, but in Romania winter comes early, we needed to stock up something for the travel back home.  And even if I didn’t like the idea to came back in Vaseria  I hadn’t much choice, 'cause it was the only living place for miles and miles. I was just hoping not to find problems with the people, they’ve always been suspicious with strangers and now that their Princess was dead things probably wouldn’t get better. Even if Dracula and his Brides were dead, a certain feeling of evil still remained in the air…

//OoC: If there’s something not ok let me know *-* If this starts right at the end of the movie, Gabe’s still convinced that Drac and his brides are dead, right? I acted  as if Carl was with me, even if no one is playing him… it’s okay? I guess I’ll move there joining the other in Vaseria, if nothing or no-one stops me here ^^
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On February 14th, 2006 12:44 am (UTC), gabrielsangel commented:
I remember seeing him walking into the Vatican, his eyes war torn from lack of sleep and his face frozen in a look of determenation. That was one of the few times I was lucky enough to ever see him up close. I watch him go to the armory and sigh. Maybe I need a little fresh air...
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