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According to the profile, if I read correctly...there is no Anna Valerious as of yet, may I be her?
Also, I'm curious to know if there are any other rules, guidelines, or basic playing principles I should know of before jumping in? If so, please inform me.


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Well, running into Sara Eleanore Jones was certainly nice. Finnaly, another girl who hunts like I do... a friend too. I can't help but smile like this. We went our seperate ways after speaking for a while. Aleera came at us, but we were to keep things under control. It's getting darker now. I hate being alone here. I can't risk staying at an Inn... maybe the forest... a fire? Coming from the forest. I keep my head low and walk towards it. There's a man up ahead. He looks... framilar....
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Hi I was wondering if I could be Cardinal Jinette.

Name: Cardinal Jinette
Age: 50-60
Height: 5' 10"
Weght: N/A
Hair: gray/white, used to be dark brown. Short.
Eyes: dark brown to black
Occupation: Cardinal, part of the Knights of the Holy Order
Realitives: cousin who lives in Milan but is of absolutly no consequence
Personality: Can be kind and almost grandfatherly when it suits his purposes, ambitious and smart, has a habit of scheming

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I never thought I would see once more the desolated, snowed landscape of that forgotten land that’s called Transylvania. And still, I was there once more. Same place, another time, another mission to take care of. When Cardinal Jinnette told me about this assignment I wasn’t exactly what you can call ‘enthusiastic’. I have visited this land so many times in my nightmares that I had enough of it. Enough of his mountains, of his wild forests and his forgotten villages. And enough of all those things that reminded me of Anna. I’m still missing her. But as Jinnette said, this was the occasion to face my ghosts, my nightmares. The mission seemed easy: rumors reached Rome, rumors about some sort of evil acting in this place. We didn’t have much information, but since Dracula had been vanished months ago, the current problem would have probably be something easy to deal with. Maybe a stray werewolf, or a warlock...
I was riding towards Vaseria, trying to avoid contacts with the local people. I do not collect great success doing what I do, and this time it wouldn’t be different. Especially since I caused the death of their own princess. I stopped near Vaseria, deciding that it would have been better to spend there the night and reach the town the following morning. I tied my horse and light up a fire. It was strange, to be back in Transylvania. There was something in the air that seemed familiar to me, some sort of sensation. The only thing I was sure of is that that feeling wasn’t anything good. Seated down in front of the fire I sighed... Cardinal Jinnette could think whatever he wanted, I was still of the opinion that come back there hadn’t be a good idea…
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I hear that Van Helsing has returned to these lands. Before our last disastrous meeting I had ideas, feelings, premonitions, that I would see him again, but I always suspected it would be in some afterlife or spiritual sense, not like it happened. It had been four hundred years since he was sent to help me, and then sent to kill me. I had much to thank him for, personally. And yet he bested me, through my own ignorance. I was still convinced he somewhere remembered our closeness, our brotherhood. They thought me dead, but I have returned and am stronger for the lesson. Is it possible for me to die completely?

It is curious that he comes again now, as me and my family are coming out of our time of rest and solitude, and are beginning to consider our plans for our future.

I turn to Verona and she is looking at me with frank pleasure. Every day I see her it pains me that I brought her to this life, and yet I know not what I would do if I had left her behind. She expresses no displeasure, no pain, but her eyes cannot hide the misery - and yet she insists she would do it all over again, for me.

"My lord?" She is at my side in an instant.
"I need to know why Van Helsing has returned once more."
If possible, she pales at this information. I continue:
"We need to know if it is us he hunts once more."
"Aleera is in Vaseria," Verona begins, but I interrupt.
"I fear she may be distracted. She has run across some business I failed to take care of." I am conscious of the bitterness in my voice. "And she might need your help."

Without another question, Verona takes to the air and is gone.
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Last night was...interesting to say the least. I went out in search of Vampires and instead found a Huntress and a vampire. Needless to say, there was a brief fight involved. As it turns out it was none other than my Long-Lost Aunt Aleera, from my Mother's Side of the Family. Aleera had been the only girl in her family and was said to possess great beauty. I have to admit, she is quite attractive, so I can see where the rumors of her being the Love Goddess Aphrodite/Venus came from. One night however she disappeared and never returned home. My poor Great-Grandparents were heartbroken. After the youngest boy's child, my Mother was born, they were attacked. It turns out it is a practice of Dracula to destory any remenants of his Brides Mortal Families, for reasons I am not sure of, perhaps to end any attachment to their Mortal Lives. My Grandfather and Mother escaped and he changed his last name from Jevis to Jones, and hid in England. He was later killed by one of Dracula's Werewolves, and the Funeral had to have a closed coffin because of how bad the damage was to his body. I shall always laugh at the shock on the Vampiress' face when I spoke of my Parentage.
'Then you should respect your Elders, my child...'
Respect? Ha! What respect does she deserve, I ask you? She ran off with a monster who later killed her family and she obviously shows no remorse! On the Bright Side, I have met Arene Haynes, who also hunts the Creatures of the Night as I do. I finally have something I haven't had for ten years...a friend.

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There were more strangers in the tiny village of Vaseria just lately than Dracula was comfortable with. He had sent Marishka out after Aleera, who had been gone for some time. Aleera always did like to play with her food. Dracula smiled to himself, and turned to Verona, his pupils dilating with the pleasure of seeing her.

Verona was his first wife as a vampire, but had not been taken until many years of solitary exploration. His home country had harboured legends and dark rumours of creatures of the night who lived on blood and could never die, but he had always considered them superstition and myth. Quite a shock it was, then, to learn what he had become.

For years his lands had been beseiged by the Turkish hordes, and his family had been the last line of eastern defence against the asian threat. They toiled for Rome, paid their dues to the Emperor, accepted the Papal orders, and yet always, always were treated like the black sheep of the family, the red-headed stepchild. Dracula's father had tried to tread a fine line between loyalty to the West, and survival for his own people. It had brought him death at the hands of a suborned son. Dracula's youngest brother Radu, had murdered his father and the oldest Dracul son Mircea. Vlad Dracula had escaped this fate by being in the wrong place at the right time only. The final blow to the Draculesti's loyalties came when the Westerners endorsed Radu's reign, and cast the loyal, tireless young Vlad aside. Vlad remedied this quickly with fratricide and regained his position. The Church realised quickly that Vlad was the people's choice, and thus began an uneasy detente between Vlad Dracula and the Vatican.

Death came for Vlad in a form he never imagined. A brother in arms, sent to the eastern edges of the European warzones, deep into Transylvania, to Tirgoviste, to take messages of support and valuable supplies to the frontlines. Gabriel Van Helsing came out of Holland, a man of science, of practicalities, extremely useful to Dracula, and endorsed by the Church for his unshakeable beliefs in the crusading cause. The men had become close by immersion in the terrible situation, constantly fearing overwhelming Turkish forces knocking at the door. And the line held until one deep, dark winter.

//OOC. OK guys, I have a lot of backstory like this that I'd love to throw in here. If anyone has any objections, please let me know. I'll edit this comment out and continue if nobody minds.//
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When I woke up early in the morning I couldn’t recall clearly my dreams, probably the same nightmares as always. But that time it’s been different. I heard her voice, I saw her face. Anna, the woman I love. The woman I killed. I knew she was in a better place now. In Heaven, close to her family. It was the only thing that made my sorrow easier to stand, even if I found harder than ever to continue my life without her. I really thought, during that first and last kiss that I could have a life with her. Together. Someone to love. But life is strange, and fate’s cruel. My mission had been accomplished, Dracula was dead. But still, the price for this result seemed too high for me.
  After have packed our things, I and Carl left the little camp we’ve done for the night and rode back to Vaseria’s Village. A riding that had last for the whole day. Even if night had already come we didn't stopped, it would have been better if we arrived at the village in the night. The travel towards the sea hadn’t be long, and the only purpose was to celebrate Anna’s funeral in a place she would have like.
Now that all our affairs were done in
Transylvania we had to come back to Rome. November just started, but in Romania winter comes early, we needed to stock up something for the travel back home.  And even if I didn’t like the idea to came back in Vaseria  I hadn’t much choice, 'cause it was the only living place for miles and miles. I was just hoping not to find problems with the people, they’ve always been suspicious with strangers and now that their Princess was dead things probably wouldn’t get better. Even if Dracula and his Brides were dead, a certain feeling of evil still remained in the air…

//OoC: If there’s something not ok let me know *-* If this starts right at the end of the movie, Gabe’s still convinced that Drac and his brides are dead, right? I acted  as if Carl was with me, even if no one is playing him… it’s okay? I guess I’ll move there joining the other in Vaseria, if nothing or no-one stops me here ^^
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Name: Gabriel
Surname: Van Helsing
Age: Unknown
DoB: Unknown
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Scars: Triangular scars on his back, unknown provenience
Occupation: Hunter for the Holy Order
Loves: Princess Anna Valerious
Weapons: Tojo Blades, guns. His crossbow get lost in the forest.


Who I am? I often wonder about that. I was found on the stairs of St. Peter’s Square four years ago, half dead, that’s what the monks who found me said. Once healed, Cardinal Jinnette gave me something to do, introducing me to the Holy Order, becoming an hunter of those monsters we believed to exist only in our nightmares. I am this, just this. But maybe not to have a past isn’t such a bad thing, isn’t it? You can appreciate more the present. Fight evil, this is what I do, in the name of God, as a knight of the Holy Order. For His Glory, or maybe ‘cause it’s the only thing I’m good at. A murderer, that’s how I’m known in Europe. And maybe, I really am…My life, my job, my curse… It’s to vanquish evil.
My name is Van Helsing…

//Hi there, I hope everything it’s okay. If I did something wrong let me know, I’m new at this kind of things ^_* -hugs-
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Ever since the day Tammy died, I have gone in search of the ones that killed her... I have thus been unsuccessful, but at last my travels have led me to the this frozen town, seemingly trapped in time. Vaseria. The poor people have lived under the terror of the Creatures of the Night so long, they have begun to take it as a normal routine, like washing your face, getting dressed, eating breakfast, etc... Death is common here, and not all of it is commited by the creatures of evil...Sometimes by mad villagers or just outsiders. I suppose that is one of the reasons they were very suspicious when I rode into town. I think the fact that I was a seemingly harmless looking young woman is all that saved my from their wraths... Still, all thoughts aside, the place reeks of evil and it is my duty to sniff it out. And sniff it out I shall, under the quiet glow of the moon, I shall go and sniff out this wretched stench...

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